Thursday, March 10, 2005

Thetis Silverfoot--I suppose Thetis would best be known as the Mother of the legendary Achilles. She is the immortal daughter of Poseidon, who laid with the mortal Peleus in contract. As much as she loved her son(for she held him by the heel and dipped him in the Styx) She knew that he must die in the Trojan war, but she knew also that she would make it away in which he would never be forgotten. So up to Olympus she flew to create a contract with Zeus, Father of all gods. Zues would pretend the Trojans were in his favor until Menelaus, King of the Greeks, begged his return and the fall of Troy, the great walled city, Achilles would die a mighty man. Thetis Silverfoot is made from mother of pearl sequins w/natural coral 4mm to attach, abaloni shell fish scales on the tale and numerous czech seed beads to embellish the body. Face cab by artist $350.00 Posted by Hello

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